A few facts ;-):

On this blog you will find a critical take on the wider weight loss industry

Psychoanalysis is my tool of choice, allowing us to dig a little deeper into the practices of this fascinating industry

Please comment – nothing quite like a good chat!

Disclaimer: I hope it is obvious but this is my personal website. Although I am a staff member of Massey University the views and opinions I present in this blog are not in any way the views of my employer. 

9 responses to “About

  1. Rakai Te Ture

    Morning Mate
    I read your artical and like the idea which you have suggested, I have started up running with my wife three times a week and weight in at 140kg. I do alot of traning ,spin, swimmimg and running, but the more i train the more i eat. Anyway i well keep an eye on your blog

    Cheers Rakai

  2. Jess

    Where is your Twitter account? That’s the next step in the social media masterplan, right?

  3. Sally

    Hello Andrew,
    You will see my sudden flurry of blog responses……i have seen a link here and there today and read a few blogs which stuck in my mind hence the responses. I do wish nutrition was a socially acceptable thing to discuss given we just can’t say that ‘all in moderation’ is working. Look around NZ and i see particularly women – fat. many will say but its ok because i exercise…and what happens when they stop i wonder?

    • Hi Sally… thanks for your interest in my blog! I’ll try to reply to reach of your comments over the next day or so, busy with start of the semester 🙂 in terms of the “it’s ok because I exercise”, why would you ever stop? Activity is fun, and there are usually options even if you are injured or getting older. For me that message gets lost in the media.

    • Thanks for all your comments Sally. Nice to have the readership 🙂 my mum plays table tennis, and at almost 70 is rather a deft player, she still has a keen eye and its seriously fast. I’m not sure that exercise had to stop really, whatever the size of the person?

      • Sally Brochocka

        That’s right, my parents are a similar age and bike for half an hour each night and have an active lifestyle….yet still my mum is overweight….Excercise is only one element of a healthy body..

  4. Hello Andrew,
    Like you,a long time “clinical obesity” holds daily attention for me so I exercise faithfully. Also like you, I’ve a blog in the health niche,which allows for some venting over big pharma and big food industry holding peoples weight captive for the simple reason-”wads of filthy cash” as you’ve said. Having applied for a lecture position @ Massey, I hope to meet you in person this fall.

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