Fat taunts and the difference between men and women

Gotta admit that this article really resonated with me. Having been running ‘large’ for close to 10 years now I’ve had lots of comments – though never from a dude hanging out of his white van! For me mostly it has related to people giving me little comments of encouragement – here are a selection:

Keep it up buddy.

Well done, I don’t know if I could keep up that pace.

I didn’t think I’d see a big bloke running this (while running the Kepler Challenge)

That’s a big frame!

These comments don’t have the down right shitty nastiness that Lindsey Swift had to deal with from the tosser in his white van – which points to the simply massive difference between men and women in our society of white male privilege. But it does point to the research question that i’ve been asking for decade: Why are we so fascinated with the size of the Other?

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One response to “Fat taunts and the difference between men and women

  1. I can’t even go for a walk or ride my bike without some douche hanging out of his car and screaming “Keep pedalling you fat f***!” or something similar. I mean come on, if I’m supposed to exercise, screaming abuse at me as I do so isn’t exactly going to encourage me, is it?

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